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Isn't it strange.....

Posted by Sirhc7000 - October 2nd, 2009

how popular hip-hop is in the world...

yet how unpopular it is here on NG?

I mean, I don't want to seem like I'm whining or anything but, can somebody explain this connection (or disconnection) to me?


Isn't it strange.....

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Isn't it strange that something that sucks is unpopular in the world?

Isn't it strange how you're visiting my blog when you don't even like hip-hop yourself?

And no. Hip hop IS NOT popular in the world.

Yes it is. It's pretty much global reaching from Palestine, to France, England, Japan, America (of course), and many other countries. Do some research man.

And JS there's no need to be a jerk man. I'm just asking someone to make this connection for me and state their opinion. I mean, it's fine with me if you don't like hip-hop bcuz everyone has their own individual tastes, but I really did not mean to insight any hate with this question (or debate?).

May I suggest listening to some underground Hip-hop instead of mainstream? Cuz really I do agree with you if you believe that mainstream hip-hop SUCKS.

maybe it the people attracted to ng i have noticed a certon group of people on n.g
i mean when way the last time u saw an o.g rapper


I guess what you're trying to say is that there aren't a lot of legit rappers on NG, and I do agree. I mean, anybody can rap, it's not like singing. But to be a good rapper you've got to have some clever lyrics and a unique delivery IMO.

However, I do know some good rappers on here such as Gasmasq, tingtonger, and some others i can't think of right now lol.

I would say it has something to do with the fact that about 90% of hip hop songs don't have any lyrics or words or anything. Who would want to listen to just a fucking bassline and simple drum beat. Shit dude, it doesn't take a fucking genius.

Well, actually a lot of people do...but not on NG tho. There's many people who just make beat tapes such as J Dilla, 9th Wonder, Flying Lotus (who im sure many on this site have heard of), etc.

And if that was a direct attack at me, i'm just not a lyricist. I'd hate to take a good beat and just butcher it with wack ass lyrics. That would totally ruin the purpose to make good music in the first place. I'd say if you really want to make a good hip-hop song with lyrics it does take somewhat of a "genius" to cleverly string words together. It's not just simply talking over a track.

Because about 85-90% of newgrounds is just a big nerd sausage fest full of people who only listen to rock or something similiar without diversing to other genres. The other group of newgrounds is pretty much the people that hang around the hip-hop sections of the audio portal. It's not that hip-hop is bad , it's that most people on newgrounds tend to dislike this certain genre because of the image mainstream puts out of it.

I live in England and yeah it's true it isn't as popular as it could be which is one of the reasons I love it. Most genres that get too mainstream are killed off quickly. I don't listen to much mainstream either as most of it is utter crap. I'd much rather go into town and support the man on the open mike maybe even buy his album hes burnt from his home computer because at the end of the day at least you know hes putting his soul into it. Keep it less popular I don't care I'd much rather support something more unique and exclusive.

ok here is the truth

Hip hop is most Popular in the world

absolutly most popular

it is only Unpopular amungst white people

in prodomenently white counties with the exeption of the united States

Hip hop is unpopular

in countries such as Japan, Indonesia and south american countries (pretty much every were else exept some parts of caribean where Hip Hops Father Reggae is more popular)

Hip Hop Music is the domenent form of music

NewGrounds is mostly White people

there for lack of love for hip hop

do white people like Hip hop? ofc they do.

but accuratly enough white people seem to hate everything that wasint originated outside of there race

Racist statement? sure...and ill defend it as such


u bet ur ass

I disagree with you there, Delinquent. Out of all my white friends, I can only think of 2 or 3 that don't like hip hop. The majority of them actually prefer hip hop over most anything else, myself included. I think the hip hop hate on Newgrounds is more because of an age thing. It seems to me a lot of the hip hop hating comes from an audience around the ages of 13 and 14 year olds, and let's face it, the majority of 13 and 14 year olds don't know good music yet. They would probably rather listen to some dumb candy pop punk band like Blink 182 than a dope track laid down by Pete Rock or the Alchemist. Also Dusk brings up a good point. The mainstream doesn't put out a good image for hip hop, and some people, especially the younger crowd, are more easily mislead.

i am convinced

Teddy you are right

check out some of these hip hop haters here

there like 13

i agree with u now

my argument is distroyed

stop replying to jolly space

he is 13

da fuck does he know?

Well to be fair, Delinquent, I think you're right about some white people having an attitude like that, but I think most of them would probably be ignorant old white men. I don't really think you would find many of them on Newgrounds.

NEWGROUNDS is mostly a trance site

so when u get a few dudes makin hip hop

every trance freak decides to 0 the fucking daylight out of it

untill every synth preload in there body is drained out...

and to DJ Delinquent many white ppl

in UK like hip hop so it aint a race thing... being white myself :O

all the comments below it i never read so...

NGHH will live on!

Aight check it out. Im a lil late on posting this but hey whatev. I go through the weekly tops and yea there are like 7 tech/trance to every 1 hip-hop. Delinquent is most def puttin us on the map with his HHM beats gettin to the front page frequently, so kudos to him and every other HHM artist/producer that does it. NG needs to prepare for HHM. Got one of my tracks Genre Takeover. Stay up for that.

u r awesome


Hip Hop is a struggle. Its a struggle to get a message accross to anyone who will take the time to listen. Its a struggle to fight against the mainstream. Its a tool used to help those in their own struggle, fighting their own personal demons. What Hip-Hop represents is not what people want. People want to the fake talk, they want Mike Shinoda's Cigarettes, music that makes people feel cool when they drive down the street. Not music that challenges them, makes them think, or question.

Hip-Hop is underground, waiting for those who want to break from the norm waiting to be dug up and discovered.

I've been seeing a lot more "I usually hate hip hop..." reviews on NG recently, followed by a 10 and complements. Just keep pumping that sweet juice, we're slowly converting folks and turning this place into a home.

well maybe because many people on here are focused on either flash games or the "mature" portal and don't really listen to this type of music though the audio portal exists, some people on here probably prefer like rock or techno stuff though i really enjoy hip hop i think it should be looked at a little more often to.

ehh...i like instrumental hip hop. i'm not a big fan of rapping however. i guess part of it was because i was raised on rock. actually, the majority of my favorite artists on this site are hip hop producers. it's not that i don't like hip hop, i'm just extremely picky about the style of hip hop i listen to. mostly what i like is the stuff that samples funk/soul like yours, or the stuff that samples anime themes and the like, like Delinquents. i like CKC's blend of hip hop and orchestral, and a few other styles/artists that i've found throughout this site. but like i said, i was raised on rock, so that's mostly what i like, since it was what i grew up with.

also, when i said i didn't really like rapping, i didn't mean i dislike all rap. if i'm choosy about the style of hip hop i listen to, i'm even more so about the style of rapping i listen to.

it's true that if you talk to most NG users, they will say that they don't like hip hop. but the 0-bombing isn't genre-based. every single genre in the audio portal gets hammered, from the techno/trance, to metal, to rock, and of course hip hop.

and like most people already said on here: i freaking HATE mainstream hip hop. VERY FEW exceptions to that.