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I'm coming back here years later after you used my music and I swear this is the funniest damn thing I seen on this site. hahha the Darnell sketch gets me every time. Some people may not understand your humor but I do, man. This is great.

All I came here to really say. haha.

Needs a replay button...

I really enjoyed it and thought it was very amusing so I wanted to play it again...

nope...*refreshes page*

That's the only issue I really have but great job!

I fight for my friends.

...I also do crack and heroine! :D

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Everybody said the music was awesome...

at they were RIGHT!! Wow, those are some crazy 8bit tracks you have for the stages! WELL DONE!

I actually loved the difficulty factor, even though it was sometimes it was frustrating, it didn't seem like it was frustrating to the point were it was unfair. This game is definitely trial and error, but I'm glad there weren't like random things that would pop out and kill you (*cough* Megaman *cough*). The rules were definitely a good idea to amp the difficulty level.

Plus great indie game ending you have there! I'm glad I didn't just play all that for a "you reached the top! great job! GAME OVER!"


To those who think it needs color there's a reason for that...not to spoil but finish the game before you even think to put down that comment.

Also I liked the way that the obstacles were timed with the music. It made it simple knowing that all I had to do was jump along with the beat and enjoy the visuals. Love the style of the game as well.

This is an "art game" so I can understand if the gameplay isn't really the focus, but I have to agree with others when they say that it could use a bit more. I think that some sort of change should be happening as you progress, and I don't just mean the birds. It's just kinda missing that "umph" that a game should.

Overall it is a pretty decent game though. And no offense, but it was great that you didn't make it TOO long, because it was the perfect length for a game like this.


I say take the suggestions that Isflash recommended for the final product and also I'd say add just a little more animation. For example when you're going through a door I think it might be a little more flashy if u showed an animation of the door opening and THEN fading out instead of just fading out to go from place to place.

other than that VERY nice game you've got here. There is definitely a high amount of polish to it.

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Yo, this is HOT! I don't even mind that you chopped & screwed the beat either. Great job, dogg!

SlankzD responds:

thanks brother, keep contact cuz i have more for your beats later


This is AWESOME!! Why are there NO reviews on this? This def should have gotten the weekly top 5. Simply amazing and professionally done. One thing I don't really like is the *twang* sound that comes in at around :14, other wise this is an absolutely crazy piece.

Well done, my friend.

My gosh....

I've known of you before but it wasn't until now that I really started checking out your work. Amazing, and this to be one of my favorites.

Characteristics I like here:
1. The intro where everything is filtered out. There's something about it with that bassiness that really makes it nice to ease on into the beat.
2. That elec piano or rhodes that gives the track a sort devious quality. It really works well in contrast of the bass in the background. I also like when the notes are played sort of "mushed together" at around 0:13 and occasionally throughout.
3. YOUR DRUMS ARE ALWAYS SO F*CKIN CRISPY!! It's really that snare that gets me. It's like 3 slaps in the face...if that doesn't sound to weird lol. It's just nice sounding.
4. Nice classical sounding outro...however I personally don't care for the sudden cut at the end...but it's not like it's distracting.


DJDureagon responds:

I didnt think people would like this one. Kinda like Potpourri. I appreciate all the feedback.These samples were super sick so i had to use them. They do most of the work. There's a certain sound that i have only achieved with a couple songs i've ever made. I think my next project will be my most diverse offering ever so keep a look out for it. Drop those hot tracks, we all look forward to it.

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Throughly impressed.

Your skin work is just plain awesome. It's scarily realistic. The skin tone varies realistically, because you made it look a little LESS perfect...if you catch what I mean. I mean, you even have some veins showing through the skin...nice touch. Also the sweat/water coming off her chest (ugh I sound like a pervert) is pretty sweet looking too. The eyes are also very nice as you can see some ripples in the iris.

I have a couple of issues with it as well, however. First, the ear. Although you try to cover it up, you can still see that it is not quite finished under there and it sort of bothers me a little bit since you worked so hard on this photorealistic face and body. Second, her hair. It's not really the texture that bothers me, it's the shading. It seems like just the outer edges were burned, and in comparison with the body that has shading everywhere accurately. Third, her left (viewer right) shoulder. It sort of cuts off and looks a little less soft than the rest of the piece. It might be the shading/lighting or you might have a few jaggies there. It just looks a little flat.

Besides my little nitpicks, this piece is amazing and absolutely beautiful. So realistic too!

This is SICK

I agree with deadspread about the stereotypes thing. Doesn't need to be overly "hip hop" to be an awesome album cover.

Would I be correct in saying you used Corel Painter to make this? Either way it's very well done. I'm really hoping you get the cover this year.

Kuoke responds:

Paint Tool SAI actually.

tsk tsk tsk...

Sonic and Tails...

...doPINGAS usual I see.

p.s. LOVE IT!

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