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Sooooooo my laptop's broken...

2012-03-27 13:56:51 by Sirhc7000

I'm sorry I forgot to tell you guys.

It's been broken for a while and I haven't been able to make any music so I've been focusing on school work. Here's a motion graphics piece I made with the "Daze" beat. I'm still a noob at motion graphics but I hope to get better at it soon enough:

Anyway back to my piece of crap--I mean dead computer. To be fair, I actually liked the computer for a while. It was great for making music in the beginning. Failure after failure I've stuck with it because I was on warranty and got parts replaced for free, but now I'm off warranty and it's just not worth it. case you haven't guessed already my computer was a Dell running windows vista.

Next I hope to finally make the switch and get a MacBook Pro and Dual boot OSX (Maybe Lion) and The Latest Windows Platform. However, due to the expense I don't see myself getting that until until Summertime


So here's a Eulogy/Poem I wrote for my dead Dell XPS 1530 laptop:

Dear sweet 15 by 4
Thou hast faired me well
Through years of great music
'Twas Heaven and Hell

Overheating and crashes
it was a mess
The Dell Man replaced you
"Thank You and God Bless"

Time and Again
You chose not to work
This time for good
You'll miss your boy Sirhc
(Now you know how "Sirhc" is pronounced)

Farewell and Au Revoir
You sweet sugary sap
i'll miss you, well maybe
You piece of crap

Sooooooo my laptop's broken...


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2012-03-27 14:45:20

Just before reading on, I thought: 'Hey, now I know how to pronounce ''Sirhc''. '

I'm sorry for your loss though.

Sirhc7000 responds:

Yeah it's a shame...BUT I've backed up everything and literally minutes ago my brother got a new laptop and he's letting me borrow his old one until the end of the semester.

There's a POSSIBILITY I could could create some music sooner than summer. :D