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Throughly impressed.

Your skin work is just plain awesome. It's scarily realistic. The skin tone varies realistically, because you made it look a little LESS perfect...if you catch what I mean. I mean, you even have some veins showing through the skin...nice touch. Also the sweat/water coming off her chest (ugh I sound like a pervert) is pretty sweet looking too. The eyes are also very nice as you can see some ripples in the iris.

I have a couple of issues with it as well, however. First, the ear. Although you try to cover it up, you can still see that it is not quite finished under there and it sort of bothers me a little bit since you worked so hard on this photorealistic face and body. Second, her hair. It's not really the texture that bothers me, it's the shading. It seems like just the outer edges were burned, and in comparison with the body that has shading everywhere accurately. Third, her left (viewer right) shoulder. It sort of cuts off and looks a little less soft than the rest of the piece. It might be the shading/lighting or you might have a few jaggies there. It just looks a little flat.

Besides my little nitpicks, this piece is amazing and absolutely beautiful. So realistic too!

This is SICK

I agree with deadspread about the stereotypes thing. Doesn't need to be overly "hip hop" to be an awesome album cover.

Would I be correct in saying you used Corel Painter to make this? Either way it's very well done. I'm really hoping you get the cover this year.

Kuoke responds:

Paint Tool SAI actually.

tsk tsk tsk...

Sonic and Tails...

...doPINGAS usual I see.

p.s. LOVE IT!


I LOVE THIS STYLE!! I mean it looks like they are a bunch of cardboard cut-out but there's also so much depth to it as well. The lighting and color choice is perfect. Also the small little bubbles give it sort of a paper texture the suits it well. The smoke is also a nice touch. Great job! 10/10 5/5!


Wouldn't wanna meet this guy in a dark alleyway. Damn this is soo sick. Love the graininess that kinda fades to the top....and basically everything else haha. Not much criticism here so all I have to say is GREAT JOB!


No wonder they deleted it....IT LOOKS SOO REAL!! U did a sick job with this!! Great rendering.

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