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Everybody said the music was awesome...

at they were RIGHT!! Wow, those are some crazy 8bit tracks you have for the stages! WELL DONE!

I actually loved the difficulty factor, even though it was sometimes it was frustrating, it didn't seem like it was frustrating to the point were it was unfair. This game is definitely trial and error, but I'm glad there weren't like random things that would pop out and kill you (*cough* Megaman *cough*). The rules were definitely a good idea to amp the difficulty level.

Plus great indie game ending you have there! I'm glad I didn't just play all that for a "you reached the top! great job! GAME OVER!"


To those who think it needs color there's a reason for that...not to spoil but finish the game before you even think to put down that comment.

Also I liked the way that the obstacles were timed with the music. It made it simple knowing that all I had to do was jump along with the beat and enjoy the visuals. Love the style of the game as well.

This is an "art game" so I can understand if the gameplay isn't really the focus, but I have to agree with others when they say that it could use a bit more. I think that some sort of change should be happening as you progress, and I don't just mean the birds. It's just kinda missing that "umph" that a game should.

Overall it is a pretty decent game though. And no offense, but it was great that you didn't make it TOO long, because it was the perfect length for a game like this.


I say take the suggestions that Isflash recommended for the final product and also I'd say add just a little more animation. For example when you're going through a door I think it might be a little more flashy if u showed an animation of the door opening and THEN fading out instead of just fading out to go from place to place.

other than that VERY nice game you've got here. There is definitely a high amount of polish to it.

Sorry but...

doesn't work...

loads up and then there's just a blank white screen.

nonsens responds:

alredy fixed. all work


First off I want to start by saying this game is AMAZING. I'm soo addicted it's ridiculous. BUT I cant get past lvl 21!!!!! Can u just give me a little hint?!

PLZ!! my brain hurts.


Glaiel-Gamer responds:

have a little patience

Pretty Cool.

Loved the full screen option. It made the game a lot more playable.

The idea of the enemies moving with the cat reminds me of Braid, which is a plus :).

I also liked the art style. Nice.

Great game.

I thought I would really suck at this game but i did surprisingly good. I really like the simplicity of the controls. It made the game a lot more face paced. If it had been any slower i probably would have put it down but this is just fantastic. good job.

LEVEL 13!!!!!

FTW!!!!! I cant get past that one. *sigh*

Good game tho. But still I cant wait for Valves portal. But for now...this will do. And its still great btw.

Great job yo.

Wonderfull just like the last one. I hope you know that ur stuff is becoming really popular now. People on Youtube r doin contests n stuff and also there are speed runs on this (well at least the first one). Dunno if newgrounds people will get mad if i put this but here is one of teh vids. Great job: Luv these...kinda sad it's the last one tho. :'(. Peace.

Oh heres the link:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o27UyS o8_Ss


Better luck next time.

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