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Yo, this is HOT! I don't even mind that you chopped & screwed the beat either. Great job, dogg!

SlankzD responds:

thanks brother, keep contact cuz i have more for your beats later


This is AWESOME!! Why are there NO reviews on this? This def should have gotten the weekly top 5. Simply amazing and professionally done. One thing I don't really like is the *twang* sound that comes in at around :14, other wise this is an absolutely crazy piece.

Well done, my friend.

My gosh....

I've known of you before but it wasn't until now that I really started checking out your work. Amazing, and this to be one of my favorites.

Characteristics I like here:
1. The intro where everything is filtered out. There's something about it with that bassiness that really makes it nice to ease on into the beat.
2. That elec piano or rhodes that gives the track a sort devious quality. It really works well in contrast of the bass in the background. I also like when the notes are played sort of "mushed together" at around 0:13 and occasionally throughout.
3. YOUR DRUMS ARE ALWAYS SO F*CKIN CRISPY!! It's really that snare that gets me. It's like 3 slaps in the face...if that doesn't sound to weird lol. It's just nice sounding.
4. Nice classical sounding outro...however I personally don't care for the sudden cut at the end...but it's not like it's distracting.


DJDureagon responds:

I didnt think people would like this one. Kinda like Potpourri. I appreciate all the feedback.These samples were super sick so i had to use them. They do most of the work. There's a certain sound that i have only achieved with a couple songs i've ever made. I think my next project will be my most diverse offering ever so keep a look out for it. Drop those hot tracks, we all look forward to it.

Pete Rock

This mos def sounds like something Pete Rock would make. The horns and the bass kinda give off that flavor of his.

But besides that this is a very nice track. Very chilled out. Would make a nice interlude track on an album or standalone on an instrumental jazzy hip-hop album.

Seriously lovin it yo. I've had it on loop. Great job.

Dammmnnnn son

This goes soooo hard...and that BASS!! Beautiful.

Loving the little wave of sound that comes it at around 1:19 and throughout.

No criticism here dogg. 10/10 beat homie. Keep it up as always.

DJDureagon responds:

You don't put up enough tracks.

Holy shit....

I've been away from NG for a while and I come back to this....holy fu---

This shit goes sooo hard. Your chops on the sample(s) are impeccable. Perfectly executed and everything feels mastered right. This is what hip-hop's about homie. THE REALNESS RIGHT HERE. I have nothing more to say. The music speaks for itself...and I have to say I appreciate your humbleness in the description. In my opinion being able to make fire and still appreciating feedback, positive or negative, is honorable.

DJDureagon responds:

you da man dude. Thanks for the comments. I miss your tracks man. They always go hard. Peace.

I like that bass too.

Very good track. That bass is VEERRRYY nice. It has a sort of warmness and I'm guessing the attack is up for it a little bit so it sort of fades in. Nice attention to detail...if that was your attention.

I also love the 8-bit sounds that come in and out in rapid succession. Good stuff here. Very chill.


LMAO I admit that last little drumroll at the end KILLED ME.

Thx for bringing back this Haywire classic lol


All I have to say is THANK YOU for doing my beat some justice. Your voice and flow goes PERFECTLY over my beat. Your transitions from line to line are really nice. I especially like the line, "I mad raw, sushi. Leave these kids knocked out like roofies. Spit syllables with six oozis" SOO ILL.

Don't ever stop rapping like this...EVER. I only wish it was a little longer though. You still had half a beat left. EVEN SO, excellent job.

GloineFiodh responds:

thank you man. I forgot to put you in the description, now I have too many views. I wish i could have shown you some love, because this instrumental is just fire man


This is such a beautiful and mellow track.

....but now all I can think about is shark rape (Oh god, it's happening again!!).

Would've been a little nicer if it was a little longer and more fleshed out though.

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