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FF does it AGAIN!

I'm really late to this one but this is dooopppee! I loved the intro, made me bob my head a lil' bit and then you transitioned into the main beat that just had me groovin to the beat. as HW said down there I love the clap and that sort of percussion you have on every 3rd beat up to 3:45.

By the way I also l love the transition at 3:45. Great job on this one man! Keep em comin!


Haywyre....man you have seriously evolved since the first time I caught you on Newgrounds....of course for the better. Wow, this is an amazing track. Soo much emotion and beautiful piano solos within it. Also mixing, filtration, delay, and overall effects on the vocals is top notch. Amazing probably isn't even the proper word to describe this...this is revolutionary. It isn't purely just one genre either. I feel like it's a mix between hip-hop/electronic/dubstep. Either way, what you've created here is phenomenal and very professional. You're going to make it big man, I know it.

When you get to the top don't forget about us here man aight? lol. Keep on truckin' man and stay on the right road. Peace!

-Chris Jackson (Sirhc7000)

Soooo glad you did this.

although this would be perfect to hear along with the lyrics this is still an awesome instrumental. The frequencies go in and out between verse and chorus just like the song and the bass matches the song perfectly as well.

I'm thoroughly enjoying because I am a HUGE Dilla fan from Donuts to the unreleased Detroit Mixtapes down to the days he was with J-88 (aka Slum Village).

Love the adlibs btw (Huh? What?)...so very Dilla mann. I would've loved to also hear a "Turn it up" as well but this is just fine.

J Dilla R.I.B.


Love that bass...especially because it's live. The sound of that bass really reminds of some west coast music. Like the old school kind. It also gives a twist to the genre as if it was mixed with a little dubstep.

I also love some of the non-live elements like the little echoing blips and the voice that goes "ahhh...eehhh" occasionally. Although I love the bass, sometimes it can get a little too low to the point where it distorts and drowns out all sound (and I have a pretty decent sound system o__o") but that's a small issue. Great composition here fam!

Keep em comin!


Aight, I have to admit this isn't something that I'd necessarily listen to daily and this is obviously a joke, but I can tell you really put a lot of effort into this. With the chorus, ad-libs, and auto-tune, I can obviously tell you put in work on this. I'm glad you did, because most "joke tracks" submitted to the audio portal are kinda shitty lol.

This really made me laugh. From Mr. Nibbles's voice, to the chorus, to the part where the guy is censored and you can't understand wth he's saying, I couldn't help laughing. Great job on this seriously.

Xanmar responds:

Haha, thank you! I honestly didn't expect a review so soon, so this is a pleasant surprise.
I'm glad you found it enjoyable. It was a riot to make, as evidenced by the laugh at the end (which was completely authentic. We accidentally recorded it, and decided to keep it) xD

Yo Shaggy!

I remember I was competing against you in the HH comp and thought I'd check u out bruh.

This is absolutely DOPE. And no matter what you say I love the repetitiveness of it (im kinda the same way haha). This would be perfect for an MC to use. That bass def gives it that deep hip-hop feel and it fits great. Dope flute sample as well.

Top notch ish here man. 10/10, fav'd, added you to favorites as well. Peace!

dis shit hot

word up to all the chipmunk homies out thurr

amazing dog...

Why is this not at the top? ...oh yeah zero bombing douchebags...

BUT STILL... this is AMAZING! Absolutely has that slow drunk feeling, and the circus sounds tones and the vocals really makes this track eerie, yet it does still have soul.

what else can I say but, SICK!!!


I have to be honest dogg...I haven't visited your page in a while. Or the old school portal.

and I come back to this..... WOW. Bro this is soo tight. Lovin that cartoony 50's sample. Drums are nice. I'd love to hear some bass tho...BUT STILL, this is super dope man. I have no real complaints.

This really reminds me of a danger mouse beat. I can't post links here but go to youtube and look up "Don't Do Drugs" by Danger Mouse and Jemini. You'll see what I mean.

once again great job on this! I've got to visit ur page more often mann.

EternalXIII responds:

Thanks man! I checked out the song and I definitely get what you mean. I love weird samples! And I know I need to add a bass, but I can't find one I like. I really need to work on bass lines, lol, most of my songs don't have one. Also, you haven't missed much by not visiting my page, I haven't really been making too many beats while i was in school, but know that summer is here, I should be at it again! Thanks for the review!

It's a good start.

What it really needs is some good bass accompaniment that increases the mellowness of it and maybe something that will add a little more melody like a guitar or a flute. If not that, then maybe do a little more with the piano (that is if this isnt a sample).

Also the drums feel really stiff. Personally I like to have a lil swing to my drums so I don't quantize usually. Try experimenting with that. Oh and if you're going for a smooth feel I recommend have different snare with possibly a little bit of reverb.

But you do have a great start here. Good luck!

jmerk800 responds:

Thanks for the advice! I have been trying to work on my hip hop um skills haha. I will take in your advice and you will here it in the next hip hop song I make for sure. Thanks again

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