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For sum reason this track made me laugh...but in a good way. I'm not usually a fan of techno, however it wuz still nice sounding and crazy. Nice.

Rucklo responds:

Well it's supposed to be a joke. I mean, Khuskan is a joke. My child is a hughe gag. Rofl?

Its pretty coo...

Tha intro really got me. That wuz one of the things that really got mah attention. It wuz nice but for some reason it just sounded weird to me. I mean, u did say it wuz experimental after all. But you know wut? It wud sould really dope if u had sumbody spittin to that. Yea then it wud REAL sick! But anyway, still a nice beat u got here. Keep it up.

trew-lyricist-215 responds:

i know i got some things to fix...thanks for tha review.

He's BAAAACK!!!!

Once again, anotha hot track fum Kamakazi. Man its been a while and u came bak wit AVENGENCE! Keep 'em comin dawg! U shud really get sum producers on dis mess.

This beat is Bangin!!!!

Yo Yo!!! Mayne This beat izz tight az hell!! Just like the one fan before me said, I've been followin' yo sht ever since u wuz "crazy3l". I had to give this beat a perfect score. I can c da wurk dat u put in2 this and and that same quality has always been present ever since i seen u on NG. I really luv da Mario Rmx and The Dexter's Labb rmx2. I'm sure there are a whole buncha othas that I could list but I can't really think ofany right now. Aight...Peace!

It was aight...

Yo man that rap wauz pretty tight. I like the fact that u actually got some rap and su mchorus thrown on there, but I didn't like the beat as much as your others tho. But still., that rap, chorus and beat did measure to radio rap standards. I mean, that really sounded professional. Anyway, although I didn't like the beat as much as usual, I still giv u a 5.

kamakazi-AKA-crazy responds:

thanks for the judgement.......an i apreciate it for real


Dogg, that was tight....

That was one of the best samples of music I've heard from you yet, dogg. I m a big fan of the tracks you make and this one is the S***! It reminds me of a Kanye west beat. But anyway good job man. Also, with respect, I cant believe no one has used yo beats in a flash yet. Hell, I just might....

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