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Once again....

u murked it. That sample is absolutely GORGEOUS. plus, sum nice meaty drums to go along with it. Also the subtle bass accompanies the beat well good job again.

oh, and btw, do u realize where u are rite now? ...at the FUCKIN TOP of the "All-time scoring" list!!

Took a screen for ya just in case u missed it:

<a href=" http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g44 /Sirhc7000/WSatthetop.jpg">Click this shit.</a>

Masterful sampling.

U kill it every time man. The sample is quite nice and the bells and bass work perfectly. I know u asked for criticism on this one but this is just plain NICE. I see no problems on this one at all. Keep doin' watcha do n keep REAL hip-hop alive on NG, as well as anyplace else ur music might surface. Peace.


Luvin it dogg. I dunno wut else I can say. The FX are so nice in this and the drums fit. Top notch shit man.

It's a shame....

That is is voted down so low. This is a pretty good beat and but I just have a few comments. Sometimes it feels that u've layered too many samples on at once and they don't really fit together as a whole. A trick I've learned while layering some samples is to filter the other down so it has that "blur" effect, and layer the other on top to not give too much overwhelming sound.

Another thing that feels sort of strange is the the part from :32-:42, the sample that says something like "guess wut i've got" err w/e, just feels like it got repeated too many times. I think once would have been sufficient.

I do dig the part from :42 to :48 because it's nice and balanced and doesn't have a sample layered on top that doesnt exactly fit. What I'm really trying to say is don't try to do too much with ur beats bcuz that's when things start sounding a little off.

Besides all of that critcism, I'm luvin the beat. Nice sample and good drums to go along with it. Keep goin at this rate and u'll come out as one of NG's best. Great job.

Great beat!

Lovely sampling u got goin on here. The piano works just great. One thing that could make the beat a little more enjoyable, is to bring out the bass a little more. Either EQ the sample more so it comes out or add ur own...of if u did just make it a little louder.

I love the intro btw.

This is some good stuff mann. Once again, I have ANOTHER competitor...BRING IT ON!!!!

lol jpjp NG producers united man. peace.

Luv it

The beat is nutz.
I love the funny/weird lyrics.
The audio quality is superb.
I'm diggin the audio FX (panning, filtering)
Can I say, DOPE?!

KartuneHustla responds:

hahah yeah, my friend ImaGe really did a number with the sound fx. He's just genius like that i guess hahah. Thanks for the review

oh wow this is just awesome

this is amazing. Who doesn't luv Mike mixed w/ a lil 8-bit goodness.

damn this shoulda been in moonwalker the game lol.

tsunami334 responds:

this is amazing? I think not! Now Desperate [7000] was (and still is) amazing.

Well, I know wut flying lotus song u thought of..

...definitely "Massage Situation" and u nailed it on the head dogg. I give u
props on this mann. The attack and decay, in and out work beautifully and I can't forget that bass. That pulls the whole song together. As always on ur other beats, great job.


oh wow dogg that wuz sooo funny....

and the beat goes so well with it mann...I luv this mann. Funny as hell.

aztec1448 responds:

thankx man spead it around like ses's bad carrer lol

Wow this is nice.

I dunno wuts up with the rating but I think u did a really nice job and while listening I can definitely imagine this on a title screen of a game. Great job here!

Bosa responds:

People zero vote songs to try and keep their own scores high. What they fail to realize is that the scores of their songs is not what gets them recognition.

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