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haha nice dogg.

Not only is it fast but your lyrics are pretty on point too!! Dope dogg ima listen to some of your stuff and hopefully ur on some beats! I know it'll be dope. haha oh and I was dying on the last part "OH SHIT MUTHAFLUUUAA-"


JonH2O responds:

You'll be surprised what else I've made. It's not all rap..Actually it's barely rap it's mostly silly loops to support flash games on NG, Dick songs, and a couple real serious ones I still approve of is "Don't Listen" that quotes Nixon...

Thanks for the comment,

My honest opinion.

I really digg the happiness of the beat. I think the drums have a really great sound on them and they don't sound cheesy (like some hip-hop drums out there). Also loving the synths and everything else you have going on back there.

I'm a HUGE hip-hop fan and I love Tupac, but HONESTLY I feel like the vocals do not match up well with this beat. I feel like the beat would be nice just standing alone without the mashup. I know u were trying to go for a fusion of styles of hip hop and dnb (j-pop?) but I feel that this is something really hard to tackle and I'm not feelin it that much man. Sorry.

I'm not gonna vote you down since people seem to have a different opinion (114 downloads) but great job anyway though. Keep on tryin!

NaaaB responds:

ahah i wasnt satisfied also with the vocals match up, took time to try it anyway ^^
Thanks really much for ur opinion man !

Dope dogg.

Yea, I finally got my laptop back btw so I'll be bumpin the beats once again this summer.

But ANYWAY, the track is ill man. Lovin the jazzy beatboxing and of course ur flow is on point as usual. Glad you did a lil sumn special for your first 100 man. Congrats to you homie.


You always have that kinda modern contemporary jazz style that just really smooth. Love the bass and that change up at 1:38. Also those filtered and sequenced vocal samples are ILL!

I always wonder what that kinda rhodes-y echoing sample (or synth) it is u use in a lot of your songs...hmm.... It really it your kinda trademark thing, it defines your style.

oh and BTW...F*CK ZERO!! haha

freddyfinger responds:

yes sirhc reviewed one of my tracks i feel special. lol but but im glad ya like it. funny note on that contemporary jazz style thing you mentioned, one of my friends called my music 'barry manilow hip hop' hahaha. well i guess barry is more soul but still funny. i do use that rhodes sound a lot, just somethin about it lol. and yeah this got bombed pretty bad, musta been a bad song title, lol

Wooo shttt!!!!

Damn....This is fire....somebody plz get an extinguisher in this piece.

Great job flowin with the beat...some people really don't know how to (seriously lol). And of course the lyrics are...wow... Needa quarantine ur ass cuz u sick lol.

ay f*ck yall too!! LMAO

yooo I gotta admit u guys this goes hoarrdd.

The beat is nuts. Everybody killed it but I think Rav went hard lol.

The hook is catchy as hell too haha.

Great job guys.

[KOA] -- yo, we gotcha next time tho muahaha.




d(> . <)b


That is some REAL poetry!! Tell em!!

I have no judgements. Great job sonn!!! btw new beat in a bit :D


This is dope man. Glad we got to collab on this. Lovin those conscious, deep lyrics...that's real.

If I had one teeny, tiny little suggestion tho, it's to fix the mixing and levels. Not to pride myself or anything *pops colla* but I think the beat should stand out a lil more than it does. All I'm really saying is just turn ur voice down a tiny bit.

I STILL love the track tho, DON'T GET ME WRONG!


RemixF2D responds:

7000, wow. great review man. i got your PM, and yea man it problly just depends on the kind of speaker your listening to it with is all. like my lap top speakers dont have the bass so u can hear everything. i could imagine if u had a deep bass system it would drown the beat out a bit. I got u fam. Great collab here.
your an excellent producer. keep makin em. PEAce!


awww shitt sonn!!

...that is all. lol

seriously great job tho.

Aries1g responds:

Thanks mayn ! you know meh

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