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Hey not bad!

For not being on your own comp this iz pretty bangin. To be honest I got a little scared by tha drums at tha start cuz they felt kinda off but it all turned out well. This would really sound good with some drumline sounding samples that make it feel more "full" or "filling". Overall, this is pretty hot. Hope to see more. Hey also check mah stuff tha latest one is "Hallucinations". Check tha others to if u want. tHx peace.

Hmm not mah fav...

But still good tho. No offense but I think this song is not so much hip-hop. This would be top notch for for movie music or in the indie genre. Godd stuff you got here man. I enjoy a lot of ur stuff SO DONT FADE on meh mann! Keep da ideas runnin! Check some of my stuff too aite? Mah latest one is called "Hallucinations". Peace.

This is pretty sick...

I dont really know what else to say about it. it is hella random and it just all works perfectly .good job.


I feel like I can do anything now!!! I HAVE THE POWER!!!!

LOL to be honest this song is ridiculous! lol ROFL XD. Great song!!

Sounds like something out of a cheesy John Basedow Commercial. (@_@)

Nice Beat

It starts off very nice and the melody really got me but soon it stated to get really repetitive . I just feel it needed a lil more variety in the melody like a break off er sumthin. BUT still nice beat . Hope to see more frum ya.

Yo this is tight.

It reminds me of like a movie battle er sumthin but great job on this. Luvin the sample and the drums were tight. Maybe it could've used a lil break from the sample to get that authentic rapping moment then after bring it back stronger than ever (I dunno just my opinion). But still this beat iz tha shizz.


Yo man dat sample wuz very hot indeed. Always good to have a lil zelda in da mix. I think you could have done a little more wit da precussion tho. Keep wurkin hard and i hope to c more frum u in da future. :D

Tha same as LunarFenris :'(

10 10 10 10 10 10 All the way!!! That wuz beautiful and simply outstanding!!! Good job.

Its alright...

...but to be honest it sounds a little bland and boring and generic. I think you could've done a lot more with this one. Good start though. To make this a little more enjoyable just add a little variety next time.

Well....it wuz ok...

I like the way it started, and i guess maybe my expectations were different. Because u wurr reppin da bay I wuz expectin more craziness. I'm not sayin that its really bad but I'm just sayin it could use some more work. Keep wurkin at it and I'm sure it'll be dope az hell. Peace.

NaNUbwityogrl responds:

aight thanks datz cool

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