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I was seriously about to favorite u as an artist here on NG until I realized this wasnt yours...tsk tsk tsk...

Stealing is no bueno my friend.


This deserves way more recognition.

Wow...All I can say is wow. That sample choice is dope and the drums fit in perfectly. Not much criticism here but dope job sonn. Ur goin places. :)

Great stuff dogg

This is sooper smooth. Love the string section that comes in at :30. Only gripe I have with this is the piano. I think you could add some reverb to it and it would be golden.

Also love the lil melody that comes in at 1:31. Your cuz is great singer by the way and the quality and sound of the recording is spot-on. Great job.

I agree with Kingtaco..

...on the vocal part. I think it just might be a tad too loud, or either it need some warm compression or something to help it blend in more w/ the beat. But great job mane. Love it keep up the good work.

RemixF2D responds:

Thx man. This was 1st attempt and didnt bother going back to try at it again.
I have way too many other prioritys to spend money on right now. lol.
Like for instance. Your beat (Abandoned) I wrote a song to that. about how Hip Hop feels abandoned and its excellent. 100x bettr then my lyrics on this one. Stay up for it. Thx for the comment. Stay up Chris. PEace!


This is fresh.

The samples are so chill. and ur right it does progress well, it makes the listener want to hear the whole thing. The transitions to each section are well done. I love how a lot of these synths have sort of an echo effect on them. nice touch.

Some criticism: I think the part at 1:26 may just be a TAD too loud. I also think the bass could have also used a bit of a change up. Like the last two bass notes b4 it loops back on itself (they're both the same not), they could pitch up or down a half-step depending on that guitar strum sound (it's really hard to explain lol).

Great beat tho. Love chill stuff. Keep it up!

haywirehaywire responds:

thanks a lot dude, glad you enjoyed it

really liked it.

The intro really grabbed me. Definitely felt the "chill-ness" in the beginning. I like how u kept it simple too b/c that added to the theme of chilling out in this piece.

SOME CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM: I felt like the 808 drum that u used could varied in pitch a little bit more to match the melody. For example at 30 second the melody drops a key and the 808 remains the same pitch (I think its pitch should drop as well). Also, some spacey sounds and some other high pitched noises might do some good (like a vibraphone or something with a varying, melody. Also, I feel like some good bass will also chill out the piece even more (but not too loud b/c you already have the 808 going!)

even tho i have more constructive criticism doesnt mean I dont like your piece just so you know. I really do like it. but those are just my suggestions. Otherwise, I think you've done a good job with this one. I be watching out for more from you.

Kannon1 responds:

Thank you for the the critique! I really appreciate it and I will adjust it. I actually love this beat. It's mellow and spacey and even though it's my beat, I still feel entranced by it. Thank you.

wooo too smooth...

soo sick man. Once again I love ur style. This mess is smooth beyond belief. Those drums have a really jazzy bump to them and love the voice, sax, and organ.

I also have to say that short 2 second intro really grabbed me for some reason. You really know how to drag people in and listen to the beat. uhhh...wut else, wut else...umm I guess the last real thing I can say is is great job with the progression of the beat. It doesn't feel repetitive at all. Great job mane.

freddyfinger responds:

thanks a lot man, really appreciate it

Wow this is sick...

I can't believe I'm just now discovering ur stuff. I have no real complaints here. Everything in this beat is pretty spot-on. Please keep it up and bring more of this ear candy. I'll be waiting to hear more from u.

Those drums.....

ILL!!! Im really feelin those drums. Soo old school sounding. Plus that reggae sample (it is a sample right?) gives it kinda a "bounce". The mix of both hip-hop and Reggae is great man. Keep it up!


EternalXIII responds:

Thanks!!! Yeah, it is a sample. It was Jackie Mittoo.

Thanks again for the review!

Congrats man! :D

U got top five for the week!!

As for reviews, this has a real old skool vibe with those drums. To be honest I feel like it could be a little boring with the same sample repeating every 5 seconds or so (just leaving my honest opinion). It's still smooth with that change up at 1:00 tho. Still, not one of my faves from u but still great job man.

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