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oh wow dogg that wuz sooo funny....

and the beat goes so well with it mann...I luv this mann. Funny as hell.

aztec1448 responds:

thankx man spead it around like ses's bad carrer lol

Wow this is nice.

I dunno wuts up with the rating but I think u did a really nice job and while listening I can definitely imagine this on a title screen of a game. Great job here!

Bosa responds:

People zero vote songs to try and keep their own scores high. What they fail to realize is that the scores of their songs is not what gets them recognition.

Pure Genius.

This track is amazing Yun (and war-spawn). This is absolutely crazy. I love the violins, the drums, the piano, just everything.

This is one of the best tracks on Newgrounds. It's a shame that it is hard to find through the rankings because it is soo pushed back. NG needs to come up with a way that tracks like this can be readily accessible.

Keep em comin!


Simply amazing. Those drums are so intricate and well done. I wish I could do drums that well. And also I loved the violin. This is a crazy piece of work you got here.

Could you check my work and give me some pointers? My most recent is "Bustology". Thx.

Once again great job on this. Peace.

mmmm wrinkly old prunes...

aww dawg dis shit iz gross!! lol.

Because u made me laugh I'm givin u a 7 and a 4. It's not really a bad song either.


Nammie responds:

I read the first line and was like "That's What I'm SAYIN'!" But then scolled down to read the gross part..... I thaought there was another prune lover out there. Damn.


Sikk Beat!
Sikk Lyrics!!!
Amazing mann..

No offense to ur singer, but my only gripe is the chorus. But she did a pretty good job tho.

This is some good stuff. I hope to hear more frum u.

Chista responds:

Man, the chick is just my voice modified-- I can't sing !! :P
Ahaha, I need to find a sexy singer :P

Anyways, thanks alot bro.

This iz pretty dope.

But Its soo short!!! M akes for a really good loop tho.

Good job. This will sound dope w/ sum lyrics.

yo this is a sik beat.

Eff all da haterz. Dis is fire.

If u don't recognize this as dopeness, then you don't have an ear for hip-hop.

Take all dat trash sumwhere else. Outro.


I can't Beleive this!!!!! Yo mann I appriecate tha rap dogg! AND BTw...IM BAAACK sonnn! You will see mo' frum me soon. Believe dat boi.

Aite stay up nig.


I would say this is more RnB than hip-hop....or w/e it could be both. This is a very good track but I have to admit it gets a lil boring. But excellent job. You have mah props. We all know beat making is not the simplest thing in the world.

Check mah stuff too man. Peace.

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