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WHY HAVENT I HEARD U ON NG B4?!! wow dogg 10/10 all the way!!!!

Extra pro dogg!

BigRed responds:

Thanks Sir! I dig a lot of your tunes, I'm pumped to get this feedback from you!


This is just beautiful...I aspire to be as good as this man.

Although I've been playing since I was a kid I can still only read and not play by ear and by my soul. This....THIS definitely has soul in it. Haywire, what can I say man. Ur super talented kid. *clap clap* Bravo. Keep doin your thing man. I already respected you b/c of your tracks but this brings on a whole new level. Wish you weren't leaving NG, but I'll def follow you on MySpace. Keep all of us posted!!


haywirehaywire responds:

thanks a lot man im glad to have found someone like you on NG.
once i have my songs covered with a better license ill definetily come back on NG and post all my stuff.
thanks again


soo beautiful....mannnn Haywire u killin me with these beats!!!! XD

that drum pattern is wassup and the bass is on point. Adding the voices and the (i guess) windy amibiance, makes this beat soo nutz. good shit man. A def download.

haywirehaywire responds:

thanks a lot sirhc.

Another sick one from Yun.

Sooo many elements in this it's too nice to explain. I love how unique the drums are. The voices are so nice too, it really adds to the ambiance of the beat. This is a masterpiece man. This is a definite download for the mixtape.

Stay up and keep em comin.

woah me likey

This is sick. I have no real criticism here. The drums are crazy nice and I love those synths in there. It just feels soo futuristic. Pls finish the track and submit it so we all can hear it! Can't wait man. peace.

kjhsdgf responds:

thanks for the comment!
ill try, but usually i dont finish my songs very well.

Still got it....of course.

Ha Paragon I gotta say that this track is absolutely amazing along with EVERY other song that you produce. I nearly broke my neck listening to this haha. I'm usually a hip-hop person but I've been listening to your tracks since '03 and still get the chills every time I come back (I miss the platinum, gold , and silver record download awards :[ ). If you ever come out with a CD I will DEFINITELY buy it.

*ahem* ...but, um besides all of that flattery, the actual track. Love the usual upbeat-ness of the track (and I find that snare sound to be PERFECT for some reason), but I REALLY love that mellow interlude at 1:50. Slowing it down then speeding it back up just makes it soo much more epic!

Hmmm what else can I say that no one else has about how sweet this track is?! Dunno. Just....GREAT JOB!! I hope the best for your musical career, you deserve it.

...oh and quick question. I use Reason too, and I was just wondering do u use a MIDI controller to input your drums or do you just use the ReDrum pattern programmer that's built in? (DnB drums always seemed so complicated to me, so just curious) Thx!

Freddy gimme mah geetar solo!!!

Haha U know str8 up this beat is soo chill and relaxing. I'm lovin it man. U chose the perfect drums. Reminds me a lot of Dilla's vintage beats. There's so much I have to say about this...but words can't really explain how good this is man. Great Job. I'll def b checkin u more.

(Sorry, I know you reviewed some of my beats but I never really checked ur stuff. That was a FAIL on my part. How rude of me. :[ But anyway thanks for setting a good example for samplers on NG. Hope ur popularity rises a lot more.)

freddyfinger responds:

Yeah Dilla was definitely inspired for this beat, the guitar work in his music is soo nice, like his one "Earl" off Vintage vol 2. It's cool though I don't think it's fail for ya heh, ur music is really good!!!

thanks :)


I imagined vibraphones coming in and dammit there they were. The intro of the beat really hooks u in and everything is just nice. Really liking the scratch that cuts the beat a lil bit. It's a nice touch.

This ish is smooth man. Great job on this one.

haywirehaywire responds:

thanks man, good to hear your opinion on one of my songs


Even tho I'm not involved in the whole beef thing you and Spawn got, I've got to admit this shit is funny as hell lol.

Good job dogg. I'm lovin the beat too.


I liked it but I think I'm going to have to agree with Faires. It sounds more industrial to me than Hip-Hop. No offense (I'm not just saying this b/c im one below in the rankings to you ahaha). I love it and it has a dope drum beat that is very different and hypnotizing.

Keep it up! ...and check my stuff too if you want ( .__.)

AeraDynamic responds:

I don't like Genres anyway. they only limit Artists at their work and make ppl complain about putting a Song in the wrong Genre. I only do Music... but Ill check you work son ;) thx

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